• When reading Isaiah 52 & 53 it becomes pretty clear that this passage is about Jesus. These two chapters that are in the Old Testament are the fullest amount of prophecy about Jesus. These words that Isaiah wrote in these two chapters were written nearly 700 years before Jesus was even born yet they perfectly describe […]
  • To celebrate the conclusion of our first Thursday night worship service, we will have a community wide Thanksgiving Dinner on Thursday, Nov 19 at 6:30. We are asking the congregation to bring a dessert to share. The church will provide everything else. Please invite your friends!
  • Perseverance is defined in the dictionary as steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. I also like this definition- persisting in faith through difficult circumstances and situations. God has given us a task to do. He has a plan and work for all of us. Our main job as followers of […]
  •   Check out the awesome promo video of our new Thursday evening service, Thursday Night Live.
  • Thursday Night Live starts this Thursday. Dinner at 6:30 followed by contemporary worship and a devotional.