What We Believe & Why

What We Believe and Why.001This Sunday morning we will continue the “What We Believe & Why” series by looking at nine essential beliefs that are critical in determining what in means to be an evangelical church.  The Leadership Team at Hillview Christian Church believes that this series of messages are like laying a foundation one brick at a time for the future of Hillview.  We believe that God is doing something special at Hillview and this series of messages will serve as a foundation for the future.

The nine essential beliefs that we will be discussing on 9/4/16 are as follows:

1.  The Infallibility of Scripture

2. The Historical Creation of Man

3.  The Sinful Nature of Man

4.  The Absolute Deity of Christ

5. The Virgin Birth

6.  Substitutionary Death of Jesus Christ

7.  The Bodily Resurrection of Jesus from the Dead

8.  The Literal Return of Christ

9.  The Resurrection and Assignment of all people to Heaven or Hell.

This list may seem like a large amount of information to get through in just one message.  Have no fear we promise the sermon will not be more than a few hours in length (just kidding).  I wouldn’t want to hear myself preach that long either (Haha).  These topics will be discussed in an overview format and in the weeks to come we will dig deeper into the subject matter as we discuss “What We Believe & Why”.  We look forward to seeing each of you tomorrow and hope that you invite a friend to come out as well.  God is moving at Hillview and the Leadership Team is thankful to be a part of “A Gospel Centered Family. Loving God. Loving Others.”

Have a blessed day.

-Paul Walerczak Senior Minister.