Sunday Morning Service
10-11:15 am: Corporate Worship Service
(Check out “What about Kids” below for information about childcare.)

11:30-12:20: ABF (Adult Bible Fellowship)/Sunday School
(Check out “What about Kids” below for information about childcare.)

For infants we offer a fully staffed nursery. We pride ourselves on keeping our nursery clean and safe. Toys are sanitized regularly. We use a check-in/check-out system that ensures the safety of your child and also ensures that we know any useful information (allergies, etc.).

For children ages 2 & 3 we have a class just for them. During the first hour the 2 & 3 year olds sing songs, go through a mini lesson just like the big kids and have fun activities. The lesson is age appropriate and a fun way to get children started on the Bible

Children 4 & 5 will enjoy the 4 & 5’s class. This class is very similar to the 2 & 3 class but is more tailored to a growing knowledge of the Bible. The children will sing, go through a lesson and have fun activities to get them engaged with the lesson.

The infant nursery, 2 & 3’s and 4 & 5’s all have a second hour class that compliments the first hour teaching. As a parent you will be able to feel free to stay for one of our adult Bible classes during the Second Hour knowing that your children are still in class having fun and learning.

Kids ages 4yrs-5th grade, can head to Jr. Church, where during the first hour, they have a mini-service built just for them. This high energy service prepares them for the future by mimicking the adult service in the worship elements included: songs, offering, communion, and a “sermon” message that is, of course, geared towards children and presented on their level. Then during the ABF/Sunday School Hour, they head to classes, divided by age group, grades K-2 & 3-5.

We welcome students 5th grade and up to our worship service the first hour.
During ABF/Sunday school hour, 5th-6th graders head to their own class, while Jr. High and Sr. High students stay in the main worship area for DV8, a special Sunday School just for them.

Music at Hillview can be described as contemporary. The praise team, usually includes a handful of vocalists, piano, keyboard, guitar, bass, and drums. Older songs are given a new twist and included in our worship. The majority of the songs played during worship are praise and worship songs you might hear on Christian radio, styles that appeal to modern audiences. The bottom line, though, is that in all things we serve to worship Christ.

Teaching Time
Teaching time at Hillview is delivered with the intention of helping anyone, believer or not, take a Scriptural truth and apply in to his or her life. Our ultimate goal is to lead people to Christ and disciple them into a mature Christian. Our ministry staff rotates, providing a variety of speakers and delivery styles, but all are passionate about presenting the Good News of Jesus Christ to the best of their ability. It is also not unusual for us to incorporate the use of video clips, skits, visuals, etc. in our sermons.

Communion is an act of remembering what Christ did for us through His death on the cross. The bread symbolizes His body, broken for us. The cup symbolizes His blood, shed for us. We partake weekly, based on the example of the early Church in the book of Acts. We invite all believers to share in the bread and cup as they are passed.

Our weekly offering is a time for our body of believers to express our gratitude for God’s provisions and blessings. Guests should not feel obligated to give. However, if you would like to support our ministries financially, know that your offering will support both our local ministries and global outreach.

Second Hour
Second Hour is an hour following worship, resembling “Sunday School” in that it is devoted to studying God’s word (or fellowshiping in God’s word) in smaller groups. There is a variety of classes and teachers which change frequently. All class options are listed in the weekly informational handout.