Hillview’s rich history dates back to October 4, 1819. Indiana was just three years old, Crawford County had been formed the preceding year, and the United States was in its 30th year. Hillview’s birthplace was the log cabin of church founder, Elder Joseph Kincaid. There were thirteen original members of Kincaid’s congregation, most of whom were members of his family.

Over the years there have been five church buildings and three name changes but the congregation continues to live by our earliest record of organization and doctrine: “We, the disciples of the Church of Christ…do hereby agree and constitute ourselves together as one body, for the purpose of spreading the Gospel of Christ denouncing all human creeds and taking the Bible as our only rule of faith and practice.”

In July of 1996, the leadership teams of both Marengo Christian Church and English Christian Church met to discuss the possibliity of merging the two congregations in order to accomplish more for the cause of Christ in our county and around the world. The desire was to update the approach and methodologies but leave our doctrine intact.

On October 27, 1996, a group of believers from Marengo came to English, and we worshipped together for the very first time. We formally adopted the name “Hillview Christian Church” on Sunday, December 1, 1996, and began searching for a new location and making plans for a new building. On July 12, 1998, we moved into our new multipurpose facility and began a journey of growth that continues to impact the communities surrounding us as well as around the world today.